• bathrooms, bathroom vessel sinks, toilets, baths, and accessories from italy

bathrooms, bathroom vessel sinks, faucets, toilets, bathtubs, and accessories from italy

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bathrooms, bathroom vessel sinks, toilets, baths, faucets, and retro classic bathrooms. the bathroom sinks and washbasins are available in many versions, colours and dimensions. bathroom products in glass, wood and duralmond, and bathroom faucets, to suit various types of bathrooms. the modern, contemporary and designer bathrooms range from countertop basins to wall mounted bathroom washbasins incorporating bathroom furniture. we also feature bathroom toilets - in back to wall wc and close coupled wc versions, bathroom accessories, kitchen taps, furniture, all of which are sourced from italian companies, which make the most beautiful products on earth. our website is full of bathroom design ideas and modern bathroom design, perfect for the small bathroom with small basins and cloakroom basins and washbowls.
the bathrooms we feature offer designer, modern and contemporary bathroom furniture and bathroom cabinets. they are produced in diverse materials - stone sinks, plastic sinks, wood sinks, stainless steel sinks, are featured side by side with traditional ceramic and porcelain sinks, and bathroom cabinets in modern and contemporary bathrooms. in the bathroom faucets section, we feature basin and bathtub showers and faucets, showerheads, modern shower enclosures and bathroom shower panels which will enhance any bathroom space. the bathroom accessories include soap dispensers in glass and ceramic, bathroom mirrors, towel holders, toilet brush holders in stainless steel and leather, which frequently are made in the same materials as the bathroom sinks. in our kitchen section, we feature modern kitchen faucets.
a bathroom is a space that is should provide a comfortable and relaxed environment in the home, literally a veritable haven from life's demands - designer bathrooms are not a luxury but essential. this is especially important in homes which have small bathrooms to start with, with small bathroom sinks. planning a small bathroom is like working out a jigsaw puzzle, the right elements have to be used from the outset, mistakes are costly and to be avoided. lavabostore helps the process by offering modern and contemporary bathroom designs. the bathroom sinks are our primary focus in the bathroom, around which toilets, bathtubs, and taps can be juxtaposed. bathroom furniture storage solutions are important especially in small bathrooms. lavabostore offers contemporary bathroom furniture, modern bathroom cabinets - in wenge wood, steel, and glass, in various dimensions