methods of payment
products that are not in stock have to be manufactured on order in italy, and can be purchased by the following methods - we will require payment for the products on order, which can be in the form of an initial 50% deposit - by bank transfer- - our bank details will be supplied on request. we will require the balance when production has been completed, and the products have been packaged for shipment by courier , which can be paid by credit card, or bank transfer - the payments can all be made through, with an added 4% process tariff.
no goods will be shipped until full payment on the order is made.

cancellations and returns
cancellations after order, or returns of items that have no damage or defect are subject to a 15%-30% restocking fee - in the form of a purchase credit, depending on the manufacturer, plus inbound and outbound shipping charges. this is due to the fact that the bathroom products are manufactured on order, and cancelled orders have to be stocked and stored on arrival back at the factories. we will offer a credit payment for the requested refund claim. we will offer refunds or part refunds after order if the goods arrive damaged or defective. refunds in the form of a purchase credit will be made within 30 days of a written cancellation request.