lavabostore sells designer bathrooms with sinks, toilets, bathtubs and taps

lavabostore sells designer bathrooms with sinks, toilets, bathtubs and taps. the products are sourced from many italian manufacturers which produce the best products. a bathroom is a space that should provide a comfortable and relaxed environment in the home. lavabo helps this by offering many beautiful pieces that can work together to create a haven. products from different italian manufacturers can be used together although we would recommend that all the pieces come from the same factory as materials tend to be slightly different from manufacturer to manufacturer. lavabo uses the basin as the focal point of the bathroom, and then adds the rest of the elements to form a beautiful space. lavabo believes that the bathroom is the most important room in the modern home, and that it is important to make it the most beautiful and comfortable space. bathroom sinks - come in many versions, countertop, wall mounted and available in many types - glass, wood, plastic, ceramic, steel, stone, plastic - and in many colours. lavabo also offers accessories for the sinks - chrome drains and siphons that will allow water to be drained away. lavabo offers contemporary bathroom furniture for storage in the bathroom, which also provide a support for the basins. this is very important especially for small bathrooms which have to manage space efficiently. bathroom accessories includes soap dispensers, mirrors, towel holders, toilet brush holders are available in glass, plastic and many other materials. bathroom taps - available for the sink and the shower or bathtub, with shower valves and shower heads. modern shower panels which are available in normal and thermostatic versions, with LED colours on some products. shower trays which come with non-slip surfaces and in many colours toilets - available in back to wall versions where the cistern is hidden in the back wall, and in complete versions with an exposed cistern, and in various materials and colours. the soft close toilet seat is an option. every toilet has a bidet version which can be ordered bathtubs - available in freestanding versions in exmar, cristalplant, wood, duralmond etc. some of the bathtubs have a hydromassage option which is very relaxing. the freestanding versions are connected from below and can be installed in any part of the bathroom space. bathroom mosaic tiles for the walls and floor. the mosaic tiles are available in glass, stone, granite and ceramic. lavabo also offers modern kitchen taps, some with pull out sprays for the sink. lavabo also features traditional bathrooms which offer a retro-modern atmosphere. lavabo has a section for contemporary italian furniture. the products are manufactured in italy when an order is made, and then packaged and delivered by courier worldwide. lavabo searches constantly for new and beautiful products in italy, which means that products are added or taken out of our website constantly